Pan yn ymuno a trên, byddwch yn ofalus a'r gap rhwng y trên ac ymyl y platfform os gwelwch yn dda.

— Glyn's mind the gap announcement.

Glyn, real name Eryl Jones, is an automated announcer on the British railway network. At all Welsh Arriva Trains Wales stations, Glyn does the Welsh translation of all the station announcements. He shares those stations with Ruth, who provides the English translation of the announcements. Glyn does not do announcements at English Arriva Trains Wales stations.

He is the Welsh voice for Atos, as well as an Arriva Trains Wales employee. Glyn, with Ruth, also holds the record for the longest train announcement - the Swansea to Crewe service via the Heart of Wales line. En route there are 40 stops, and since they both do the full announcement in their language, it means the announcement is 80 stations long!