Do not leave luggage or personal belongings unattended. Any unattended items may be removed, and destroyed or damaged by security forces.

— A left luggage announcement of Phil's.

Phil Sayer is the name of an automated announcer on the British railway network. Since 1996, he has been providing announcements for both the KeTech and Funkwerk CIS systems. Currently, he does announcements at South Western Railway, Chiltern Railways and some Southern stations. At these, he generally shares the station with Celia Drummond. Phil used to be commonly used on the Northern network, but overtime was replaced almost completely by Celia. He also used to be at major Network Rail stations such as Birmingham New Street and Bristol Temple Meads.

Born in Norwich in 1953, during his life Phil did various jobs. He started out as a newsreader for BBC North West, a job he did for ten years. Following that, Phil was a presenter on several well-known radio stations, including BBC Radio Manchester and Radio City. Later, in 1996 he was introduced onto the railway network as an automated announcer.

Phil Sayer sadly passed away of cancer in 2016 aged 62. As this means Phil is unable to record new train company names such as 'South Western Railway' for his announcements, those words are made up of old Phil recordings jumbled together (in this case, the "South" from "South West Trains" and the "Western Railway" from "Great Western Railway"). Other new train company names, like West Midlands Railway, have been recorded by someone else on behalf of Phil.

His wife Elinor Hamilton was also a voice artist, who herself recorded some announcements for London Underground trains.